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He's back and I love it!

So I was hesitant to buy these, but I felt desperate. I have a huge sex drive and my BF began not to be able to keep up with me. Tiring out or whatever, he just didn't have the ability he used to have to go more than once. I gave him 3 bottles of ThunderHard enhancement pills for one of his birthday gifts and all I can say is 'Wow!" He gets hard as many times as I want him to (I think it even makes his cock harder and maybe bigger) and shoots much larger loads, which I love. Ladies buy this for your guy, you'll both love it too.

Nicole, 33
This extra strength formula, made from 100% natural sources, is guaranteed to support sex drive, erection strength, cum volume, and intensify orgasms.

Maximize Your Erections
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Do you want to be at your best every time and have the stamina to please even the most demanding women, even if its several times per night? Do you want your sexual energy and drive to be outstanding and your erections to be harder than steel?

If you answered YES to both of those questions, then ThunderHard Herbal Sex Pill is what you need!

Formulated and researched

ThunderHard pills are awesome!

I never really had "erection problems" like you think of when ED or impotence is mentioned... but honestly my boners had been a bit weaker since I hit 45 and if I had already cum once for sure it was not as strong. Also I had noticed that my cum shots were not as voluminous as they used to be (similar to what you point out in your website my girl has asked me more than once "Did you cum?") I began taking your ThunderHard pills about 6 weeks ago... taking 1 a day... and within a very short time my hards got way stronger, and the volume of my ejaculations is almost massive. My girl loves it, by the way. And no matter how many times I've cum in a day or how much I've had to drink... I still get strong boners and super orgasms. Plus my stamina is like thru the roof. These sex pills rock

Ian, 45
to increase erection hardness and improve cum loads that give mind blowing orgasms, ThunderHard Herbal Sex Pill are for guys of all ages.

Whenever you need to increase the strength and power of your erections - whether it's from too much alcohol, too little sleep, or just from too many ejaculations earlier in the day or night... ThunderHard Herbal Sex Pill will get you back to peak power, enhancing your erection hardness cum volume creating explosive ejaculations.

ThunderHard is also perfect for men experiencing weak erections, soft erections as well as low semen volume. Regardless of the type of erections you have - weak, soft, or not lasting - ThunderHard Herbal Sex Pill are guaranteed to improve erectile function each time, every time, enhancing your ability to have full on penetration sex once again,

If you've been having less than rock-hard, like-steel erections when the moment comes with your partner, now you will no longer have to make excuses about why you didn't get completely hard... never again offering reasons such as "I'm really stressed from work...", "I'm taking this new prescription medication", or "I don't understand, this has never happened to me before."

All of these excuses are immediate tip offs to your sex partner that you are having some erection problems. But now you can change that and be the type of man that is more capable of hard penetrating sex with a big strong erection giving women the type of sex they desire.

You'll also never be asked "Did you cum?" Women who are honest with you will state flat out that all women love the feel of huge cum shots entering them... and with the loads you'll shoot from taking ThunderHard Herbal Sex Pill you will be the guy they think about when they dream about getting a huge load inside of them.

I wasn't getting as hard after a drinking night and my orgasms were
shorter. Now hard as steel, go more than once a night, and climaxes are
way way intense. I'd call this a "super pill".

- Karl
This is a great alternative to Viagra, and many times cheaper, with no side effects.
I think it's actually made my cock bigger!

- Jojo
Awesome product, really great pills. Not only is my cock rock hard
and I really do cum "like thunder", but it gives me the
energy to do it a few times per night.

- Max

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